Our Approach

An integrated approach combining best practices, data, insights and technology to drive value

Innovative Delivery
ManpowerGroup Solutions TAPFIN uses industry-leading solutions to deliver workforce optimization capabilities, practices and insights that help clients make intelligent decisions. Our proprietary IntelliReach platform provides the tools to drive productivity and enhance efficiency and quality while mitigating risk along the way. 


Workforce Optimization – Our digitized workforce optimization platform provides a comprehensive set of capabilities including our best-in-class program maturity roadmap, program management planning, adoption tracking and program dashboards to monitor trends and progress. 
Reporting & Intelligent Analytics – Combining your program, industry and market data together, we turn static transactional data into meaningful analysis aligned to your business objectives. Our visual interpretations provide a holistic picture of your workforce and suppliers, enabling you to be more proactive in strategic planning and decision-making.
Next-Generation Innovation in Execution – Our proven roadmaps, methodologies and analytics are built into our IntelliReach global delivery platform. Find the intelligent analytics and workforce optimization tools you need in one place. Need additional analysis and assessments? We’ve got a team of experts who can diagnose, predict and pinpoint where your program could benefit additional solutions, such as risk mitigation, SOW management, supplier base analysis, and alternative workforce solutions.

Workforce Optimization
Our digitized program maturity roadmap provides the framework to map your current position, define the right program, and design the path to achieve your strategic objectives.
So where do you start? We work with you as you build your roadmap now – and how you evolve the program going forward. Face it, predicting the future in an era of uncertainty is impossible. But you can arm yourself with the wisdom, solutions and technologies that give you the flexibility to grow and scale as your organization flexes.
Continuous improvement is at the heart of everything we do. Beyond the immediate program, we provide strategic guidance on future aspects of client program management because your organization does not remain static, nor does your market. 
You must change and adjust. We help you make sense of your program’s big data, honing in on key insights and inflection points to constantly improve processes for the long-term while taking advantage of short-term efficiencies and benefits where they best align with your objectives.

Intelligent Analytics
Most workforce professionals have plenty of data, but it is not always usable. Sources are varied and inconsistent. Variables and filters never seem to match what you need. Comparative analytics, if they’re available at all, are typically lack the depth and detail needed to provide real meaning. 
What if your data could provide the guidance you need to optimize your program, evaluate suppliers, assess risk, calculate cost savings and benchmark by industry, location or job? What if it was all located in one place?
Our platform for workforce optimization does just that.

Next-Generation Innovation in Execution
IntelliReach™ is TAPFIN’s global delivery platform for workforce optimization. IntelliReach™ provides clients with better workforce insights through strategic roadmaps, benchmarking, scorecards and digitized planning.


A single view: IntelliReach™ pulls data from across multiple modules within a client’s VMS solution(s), or from a client’s multiple VMSs, to provide one comprehensive view of the organization’s workforce.
Robust datasets: IntelliReach™ captures more than 200 data points from each client’s program. Benchmarking and comparative data are available by industry, location and skill type. Additional insights can be drawn from ManpowerGroup Solutions’ Contingent Workforce and Total Workforce Indices.
Actionable analytics: All IntelliReach™ analytics are built using TAPFIN’s own proven methodologies, with data that has been standardized to industry best practices, to make it easy to quickly look at your data and make intelligent decisions.
Fully automated and easy to use: IntelliReach™ is delivered through an easy-to-use web-based portal with a user-friendly interface. It is available worldwide from any web browser.
Report Examples

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