TAPFIN delivers innovative workforce management solutions that address the wide range of workforce and vendor management challenges faced by virtually every company in today’s complex world of work. Our Solutions consistently add value by delivering results that have a positive impact on workforce efficiency while reducing costs and mitigating risks.

Our solutions include:

Integrated Resource Fulfillment Illustration

Contingent Workforce Management (CWM)

To maintain or build a competitive advantage, companies are increasing their utilization of contingent workers – including consultants, independent contractors and temporary staff. Yet, most companies do not have the available staff or expertise to fully leverage this opportunity.

At TAPFIN, our CWM solutions are designed to manage all contingent workforce activities from sourcing to separation, supporting administrative functions by establishing performance metrics, negotiating SLAs, evaluating vendors, standardizing reporting and managing day-to-day operations.

Our solutions design and implementation teams are the most experienced in the industry and TAPFIN manages as many as 20,000 contractors on any given day on behalf of our Clients. We partner with Client teams in HR, IT and Procurement to continuously improve processes and results throughout the engagement.

Services Procurement Management (SPM)

In today’s competitive environment, companies are more frequently outsourcing specific support functions to better manage costs and enable additional focus on business strategy and growth of their core business. When companies outsource large support areas or multiple functions, the complexity of managing these work groups increases and can mitigate the advantages of outsourcing.

TAPFIN has a crafted a proprietary and comprehensive approach to SPM for larger clients. Leveraging our CWM expertise and Best Practices we have refined the process for handling SPM opportunities. The advantages to Clients include: cost savings, risk mitigation, increased process efficiency and stronger business performance.

Independent Contractor Management (ICM)

TAPFIN offers a fully integrated Independent Contractor Management solution that is web-based, offers instant results, and passes 20-30% more Independent Contractors(ICs) than competing solutions. The solution offered by TAPFIN fully warrants all ICs passed. The difference between Agency of Record and payroll services is typically 13%-14%, so the savings to clients from this initiative alone could be significant.

Integrated Resource Fulfillment (IRF)

TAPFIN offers a comprehensive Integrated Resource Fulfillment solution that centralized the management of multiple worker types including: traditional contingent workers, project-based workers, and independent contractors. By managing all of these workers in a single global program, Clients have greater visibility to the costs and efficiency of their workforce.

IRF takes the management of tactical contingent labor workflow to a more strategic level. Through IRF, TAPFIN provides clients with a complete view of their workforce, with the increased ability to effectively plan and manage to strategic business targets.