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Powering the Next Evolution of
Your Workforce

TAPFIN has the expertise to solve and the insights to transform. Our comprehensive global solutions optimize contingent workforce management and drive performance through people, process and technology.

Insights. Efficiencies. Results.

In a fast-paced, evolving market, TAPFIN offers a full range of solutions to better manage the sourcing, quality, costs and risks associated with your contingent workforce. We partner with you to deliver measurable business results now and in the future.

Contingent Workforce Management

Our global team of experts is uniquely qualified to manage all contingent workforce needs, improve processes, create efficiencies and deliver cost savings.

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Statement of Work Management

Get complete visibility and expert insights about your entire contingent workforce.

Alternative Workforce Solutions Management

Engage new talent pools outside of traditional employment channels and increase engagement in the gig economy.

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Workforce Planning

Aligning business strategy and workforce strategy.

Payroll and Compliance

Streamline how you pay your contingent workforce.

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